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About Signal eye

Signal Eye is the smart home division of Signal Computer GmbH in Germany. The company’s R&D team and production group, with more than 25 years of experience, have designed, developed and manufactured professionally smart home products and computer components, such as Reborn Card and Sigboard. However, Signal Eye believes that valuable customers and business partners make it a leading brand in its dedicated field of activity. Signal Eye manufactures touch and crystal light switches and electrical sockets. It offers solutions for modernizing homes and seeks for smart home features in its products, by a belief in that any simple electrical device could be converted to a smart one. Consequently, everyone can control any electrical system that is facilitated with smart and communicative features at home or other locations, like business offices, hotels and hospitals, even remotely through Internet. Besides, Signal Eye proudly applies green manufacturing approach to bring about an innovative, sustainable, modern and convenient lifestyle for anyone who chooses to use its products.

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