Support EU Switches


As remote controllers and smart light switches use radio frequency (433 MHz), there will be no interference with WiFi, Bluetooth and InfraRed signals carried on other different frequencies.
No! Each remote controller is code locked to ensure that only paired devices work together. Thus, none of Signal Eye smart light switches could be turned off or on from a neighborhood, even by a similar system.
It might be not-paired with the smart light switch. There is a manual guide (could be found in the package) to pair the devices properly.
It is not! The answer is a clear “No”. Each smart light switch could be controlled by one and only one remote controller. However, it is notable that each button of a remote controller could be set to control more than a gang on a single or multiple smart light switch.
All Signal Eye smart light switches could be installed over the same wiring that is already in use, which gifts any user a considerable saving in time and cost. Important Note: The neutral wire is required for installation.
No! All Signal Eye smart light switches are facilitated with RGB LED indicators that lightly glow in the dark (with a minimal power consumption of less that 20 mW). Their glow is dim, but bright enough to locate the switches. Thus, no more fumbling for the switches! Such a luminance does not disturb one’s sleep despite some other Neon’s does. The color of the glow is customizable (the default color is orange for ON state and blue for OFF state.
Yes! All Signal Eye smart light switches work properly with energy-saving and LED lamps.
Signal Eye smart light switches are relay based.
For the EU, UK and US product series, the fixing center of a wall box is respectively 60, 60 and 85 mm.
Signal Eye smart light switches are available in one gang, both in 1-way and 2-way models.

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